If you're worried about your teen and thinking "If I'd only done things differently... I can help."

If you think that parenting teenagers is hard, you are not alone.

The majority of parents say the teen years are the most difficult.

Parents say that...

  • The stakes feel high because everything “counts” now. Your kids are making big decisions and every decision feels critical.
  • It can be an emotional rollercoaster and that’s exhausting. Angst, anxiety, disappointment, excitement, rejection, love and high energy…all in the same day.
  • They feel like they should already know what to do because they are "seasoned" parents. But they don't know because there are so many new challenges. It can be lonely.
  • They wonder what's going on with their kids, but all they get are one word answers & eye rolls.

Unrealistic societal standards + Teenaged challenges = Parenting Stress Brain

Parenting Savvy is a program designed specifically to give parents of teenagers the skills & support they need to parent effectively.

  • Rewire your brain to get those impossible standards out so that you can confidently enjoy being a Mom again.
  • Have a private coach help you spot the unconscious thought patterns that create stress.  I see the patterns you can't see because you've been trained to believe "that's just the way things are".
  • Make better decisions because you aren't afraid of being judged by nosy neighbors, your sister-in-law, and that obnoxious facebook friend that always has "helpful" thoughts to share.  
  • Feel less anxious by late assignments, eye rolls and day to day nonsense.
  • Learn a library full of tools to handle the myriad situations, decisions & communications challenges and stresses that come with this age.
  • Start having fun again as a family. You'll enjoy these last years living together under the same roof instead of counting the days until graduation.

In my podcast, I teach you the basics of managing parenting stress brain.

But learning it intellectually and figuring out how to apply it are two different things.

Applying it is where the magic happens.

Nothing beats having a private coach at your side to help you see your family's patterns in a fresh light.   If you've had the same argument with your kids dozens of times, you know what I'm talking about.  Families fall into communication patterns and coaching can literally save years of frustration.

It's like having a good friend point out the spinach in your teeth.  Only instead of spinach, it's way more important stuff like why you keep fighting about grades and can't stop checking PowerSchool.

You'll learn a library full of tools to handle the myriad situations, decisions, communication challenges and stresses that come with this age.  We'll get your kids on the right path without damaging your relationship or losing your mind.

Curious about what help from a coach would look like?

That's why I offer free consultation calls.

In a consultation call:

  • You tell me what’s going on that's causing you stress.
  • We talk about what will really solve your problem. You'll get a fresh perspective you can’t come up with on your own.
  • I'll explain how I can support you and you'll get to decide if coaching feels like a “hell yes” investment. It has to be unanimous!


Even if it doesn't feel like a "hell yes" for both of us, you'll leave the call with a concrete next step that will reduce your stress. You'll still feel like the call was worthwhile.

It's possible to enjoy parenting teenagers and feel confident you are doing right by them.